Bassik Services Inc.
Our GOALS were clear from the start - to provide receiving, storage, and delivery of parts, in support of customer manufacturing operations.

Our MISSION is more ambitious…productive manufacturing space, streamline receiving processes, secure storage, flawless production kits, accurate labeling, timely deliveries, exactly where you need them.

Our PERFORMANCE speaks to the dedication of our team:
  • Over 64,000 receipts, with a dock-to-stock time of less than 1 day, means you have same day use of your assets for production, eliminating unnecessary carrying costs.
  • In excess of 180,000 parts under management, with never a part lost!
  • Over 80,000 kits delivered to the production floor with an accuracy of 99.95%

The RESULT is higher...

With over 75,000 square feet, Bassik allows you to convert cost centers into profit centers, by replacing unproductive storage space with productive manufacturing space. The result: higher throughput rates, greater productivity, and reduced overhead costs.
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